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Udacity - Artificial Intelligence Nanodegree nd898 v2.0.0 | torrent letöltés súgó
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Kiadás éve: 2017
Gyártó: Udacity
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Prerequisites and Requirements:

To succeed in this program, you need ?

- basic knowledge of linear algebra and calculus.
- the ability to apply basic probability and statistics.
- programming experience in Python.
- some experience implementing computer science algorithms and object-oriented programming.
- the ability to run programs and interpret output from a command line terminal or shell.
- access to a Windows, macOS, or Linux computer with Python 3.4 or later installed, and admin permissions to install new programs.


Learn core AI algorithms (Adversarial Search, Bayesian Networks, Hidden Markov Models) from top experts: Sebastian Thrun, Peter Norvig, and Thad Starner.

Why Take This Nanodegree Program?

Learn from the world?s foremost AI experts, and develop a deep understanding of algorithms being applied to real-world problems in natural language processing, computer vision, bioinformatics, and more. Practice a structured approach for applying these techniques to new challenges, and emerge fully prepared to advance in the field.

Build a Deep Understanding of AI

Learn AI algorithms that have been successfully applied to real world problems in NLP, computer vision, bioinformatics, and more. Learn how to solve problems with these tools so that you can apply them in the real world.

Learn from the World?s Foremost AI Experts

Explore probabilistic models for pattern recognition with Sebastian Thrun, founder of Google?s self-driving car team. Discover how to implement key AI algorithms with Peter Norvig, co-author of the leading AI textbook. Learn how to frame and solve modern AI problems, and gain real-world experience.

1:1 Support from AI Experts

Engage with a mentor consistently throughout your program experience. As you build your AI skills, the mentor will provide 1:1 support as you master new concepts and complete challenging projects.

Personalized Project Reviews

Work on career-caliber projects that will populate and enhance your professional profile, and benefit from detailed and actionable feedback from project reviewers who will help ensure you're doing your best work.

*Module 01-Lesson 01_Welcome to Artificial Intelligence
*Module 01-Lesson 02_Introduction to AI
*Module 01-Lesson 03_Applying AI to Sudoku
*Module 01-Lesson 04_Setting up with Anaconda
*Module 01-Lesson 05_Solving Sudoku with AI
*Module 02-Lesson 01_Jobs in AI
*Module 02-Lesson 02_Optimize Your GitHub Profile
*Module 02-Lesson 03_Strengthen Your Online Presence Using LinkedIn
*Module 03-Lesson 01_Introduction to Game Playing
*Module 03-Lesson 02_Advanced Game Playing
*Module 03-Lesson 03_Build an Adversarial Search Agent
*Module 03-Lesson 04_Search
*Module 03-Lesson 05_Simulated Annealing
*Module 03-Lesson 06_Constraint Satisfaction
*Module 04-Lesson 01_Logic and Reasoning
*Module 04-Lesson 02_Planning
*Module 04-Lesson 03_Create a Domain-Independent Planner
*Module 05-Lesson 01_Probability
*Module 05-Lesson 02_Bayes Nets
*Module 05-Lesson 03_Inference in Bayes Nets
*Module 05-Lesson 04_Hidden Markov Models
*Module 05-Lesson 05_Use HMMs to Recognize ASL
*Module 05-Lesson 06_Wrapping Up Term 1

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